Can I really sell my Gold in ANY condition? ABSOLUTELY! Old, Outdated, Damaged, Broken, and Scrap Get a FREE silver coin with qualified Gold purchase ***see terms and conditions below     We accept any type of gold in ANY […]

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Whether you’re looking to clean out your jewelry stash or you need to rid yourself of a few ugly pieces passed down from your matronly aunt, selling silver jewelry is a great option. You’ll make a few bucks and have […]

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 One man’s scrap is another man’s treasure. Scrap platinum is our treasure and we look forward to paying you the best price possible Sometimes, Platinum is difficult to spot Look to the comparisons below. If your not sure, stop in […]

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EWWWWW gross…You take gold teeth?  Dazzled by the bull market in gold, people are digging through drawers for old gold dental caps they saved years ago and selling them at prices that would make the tooth fairy blush. Instead of […]

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We purchase all items made of gold. Refinable Gold are items that will be sent to a refiner and eventually recycled into new fine gold objects. These items are purchased strictly for their gold content. The first step is determining the purity of your gold items. Gold jewelry can vary from 8kt-24kt, with 8kt being approximately 33% pure and 24kt being 100% pure gold. Our buy prices for gold are always on a per gram basis, and are calculated throughout each day based on the up-to-the-minute New York Stock Exchange Spot Gold Price.

Do not be concerned if you do not know what karat your gold is, we provide all gold testing free of charge and in your presence. Once we have determined the purity of your gold, we will then weigh your items in grams and calculate our buy price on a per gram basis. Some of the gold items we purchase:

  • Necklaces & Chains
  • Bangles and Bracelets
  • Rings
  • Earrings
  • Pendants, Pins & Brooches
  • Money Clips, Tie Bars & Cufflings
  • Dental Gold
  • Eyeglass Frames
  • Wire, Findings & Shot


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The price we pay for gold, silver and platinum depends on three main factors:

1. The spot price of gold, silver, or platinum
The price of precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum is set by a world market and changes all the time. Sometimes it changes minute to minute. The charts at the bottom of this page show how the price of gold, silver and platinum have fluctuated over the past 6 weeks.

2. The purity of your gold, silver or platinum
We need to know exactly how much precious metal is in your item. For gold, this is expressed as Karats (K) and says how pure your gold is. 10K gold is 41.7% gold, 14K is 58.5% gold, 18K is 75% gold, 22K is 91.7% gold and 24k is 100% gold.Silver is usually considered “sterling” which means it’s 92.5% silver. Many silver coins are 90% pure and most silver bars are .999 fine or almost pure silver.Platinum jewelry is expressed as pt900 or pt950. This means it’s 90% or 95% platinum. To verify our readings are as accurate as possible, Crown Gold Exchange uses at least two methods to test all gold, silver, and platinum jewelry in the store right in front of you.

3. The weight of your gold
We will weigh your items on our extremely accurate scales right in front of you. They are calibrated daily to ensure proper readings. The gold buying industry standard is to use pennyweight (DWT). There are twenty pennyweights in a troy ounce of gold. We can also weigh your items in grams (g) or troy ounces (ozt). However it’s weighed, the dollar amount stays the same.