What We Buy 10k, 14k, 18k, 21k, 22k, 24k Gold Bent, scrap, unwanted, or broken jewelry Designer Jewelry Gold Chains Unmatched or Broken Gold Earrings Necklaces/pendants/lockets Bracelets/ankle bracelets Pocket Watches Class Rings Wedding Rings Gold Pins/Brooches   Gold Charms Fine […]

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What We Buy We buy silver jewelry, silver coins, silver bullion, silver flatware    Bent, scrap, unwanted, or broken jewelry Designer Jewelry Silver Chains Unmatched or Broken Gold Earrings Necklaces/pendants/lockets Bracelets/ankle bracelets Pocket Watches Class Rings Silver Wedding Rings Silver […]

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    What We Buy   Here at Advanced Gold & Silver, we  purchase a variety of high-grade scrap materials containing platinum. Some common items that we purchase include: Platinum Crucible Platinum-Rhodium Thermocouple Wire Platinum Alloys (99% Pt, 95% Pt, […]

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WHAT WE BUY crowns caps bridges Onlays inlays partial dentures implants   Dental patients often don’t know what to do with their old dental crowns. We can help. You may have an old crown or bridge tucked away in a […]

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How to Make Money Selling Jewelry

1. Decide what you want to sell.  For most people, it means digging in that old jewelry box. For me, it’s definitely that ugly pair of earrings that Grandma gave me for Christmas last year. If you want to break into something new, […]

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Spot price? What is that?

What Exactly is “Spot” Price? It is important for one to understand what the spot price actually means. The spot price is simply the price at which a commodity could be transacted and delivered on right now. This is in […]

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In this Presidential Election- Gold is the real winner!

That’s right! GOLD  is the real winner! Let me explain:   Gold prices have enjoyed a hefty climb so far this year as the market continues to guess the pace and timing of the next U.S. interest-rate hike, but the […]

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Understanding Your Karats

What are Karats? Karats, spelled ‘carats’ outside of North America, are the little numbers stamped on a piece of gold in the format of ‘xxK’ or ‘xxKT’ and it serves as a reference for the type of gold it is […]

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Serving the public ONLINE and at our STORE!

  WELCOME to the store of Advanced Gold and Silver  site. Are you looking for a real store with real people and a convenient way to get the best price for your old unwanted gold, silver and platinum jewelry? Then […]

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Predictions; Gold and Silver Prices will continue to rise

    This Expert Sticks With $1,900 Gold Call, $25 Silver http://bit.ly/2e2FPTf Oct 17, 2016 Guest(s): Monty Guild Founder, Guild Investment Management Although gold prices have come under pressure the past few weeks, Monty Guild, founder of L.A.-based Guild Investment […]

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What in the World Happened to Gold and Silver Prices Last Week?

Gold and silver prices charged higher during the first 6 months of the year. They fell into a rut over the summer, and then hit the skids last Tuesday. Lots of bullion investors are wondering what in the world happened. […]

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Top 5 most popular gold bullion coins

  Gold has consistently been used to produce some of the world’s most beautiful coins   Gold will forever be held in high regard and considered to be a wise investment. It has been discovered through the years that this […]

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How the Price of Gold Reflects the Value of the US Dollar


It is undeniably true that the price of gold is related to the value of the US dollar, so it is essential to understand how this association has come about and exactly how the dollar influences the commodities markets if […]

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Benefits of trading the precious metals

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Troy ounce commonly used to measure the mass (weight, in common parlance) of precious metals. One troy ounce is defined as exactly 31.1034768 g (1.097142857143 https://en.wikipedia.org Benefits of trading the precious metals in unused jewelry Looking to make some extra cash? […]

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