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Ten Commandments for Buying Gold and Silver. Always take delivery. Never buy premium if you can avoid it. Buy bullion for business, numismatics for fun.

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Welcome to Advanced Gold and Silver, your number one source for selling your


We’re dedicated to giving you the very best of price for your material, with a strong focus on great customer service, up to the minute spot prices for a fair and always negotiable quote.

Founded in 1996 originally we were called The FROG CENTER.

The FROG CENTER and Advanced Gold and Silver  has come a long way from its beginnings until the present day. After many years of  trial and error we have perfected our business, today Advanced Gold and Silver is one of the TOP GOLD BUYERS IN RENO, NEVADA

Come in for a quote on any used, broken, unwanted gold or silver jewelry including coins you might wish to sell.



Today our business has expanded to serve clients nationwide online as well as locally we serve our surrounding areas in the Reno/Sparks area. We have partnered with local Dentists, Churches and Charities. 

Our staff has over 40 years in combined experience in evaluation/refining of scrap materials.

We will take you through the process with ease and as quickly as possible to give you the best quote to get you the cash you need today.





Advanced Gold and Silver
430 Stoker Ave Suite 100, Reno, NV
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3 reviews

Chad Sam

a year ago
I brought my stuff in, it was fast and easy to unload my stuff. While my stuff was being tested the lady cleaned all of my wife’s rings for free. We were happy with the service all the way around. I will go back. I highly recommend.

Chad Goldenrod

a year ago
i was doing some shopping around to sell some of my gold items. I came across this small shop that i found on the internet. I really was expecting that much because i have been to the place that advertises on TV and thought the must give the best prices with all the money they spend on advertising. Low and behold this place knocked the socks out of them. Plus the lady that worked here was a really nice person to talk to. It really was night and day the way I was treated here vs those other guys. Don’t take my word for it shop around first and then try these guys.

Response from the ownera year ago

Thank you Chad! We appreciate your business and your great review.

Ellie Katt

a year ago
Crazy morning, have school at UNR and didn’t have enough money for my textbooks. I was freaking out but then I had this flyer on my door last week. I called the number and the lady at this place put me at ease and told me NO PROBLEM, come in with what you have. She gave me directions and got there fast. She tested my jewelry and gave me an offer I wasn’t expecting. Now I can eat this week too. Total Life saver. Im telling everyone to go here.

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I’m visiting Reno and I spent too much money at the casino. I had been to the pawn shops the day before and I didn’t want to do it because they were giving me very little for my rings. Plus they wouldn’t even take anything silver.  I came across this little shop that buys gold and silver so I figure I should give this a try. I sold my stuff fast and the lady was nice to deal with. I was able to get back home so I wanted to make sure I write this review.


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I needed more money while visiting friends and family in the Reno area so I decided to shop around for pricing for my gold necklaces. Advanced Gold And Silver had the best pricing. I was very happy with the exchange. Business with them was simple and worth my time. I recommend them!

  • Marlana E.
  • Reno, NV
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10/11/2016   Updated review

My rings look amazing after I got them cleaned here. I also got an extra $25 for selling my necklaces for being a repeat customer! Go here!

My 2nd visit here. Sold my gold mixed matched earrings and got a free ring cleaning SWEET DEAL!

9/29/2016  Previous review

My rings look amazing after I got them cleaned here. I also got an extra $25 for selling my necklaces for being a repeat customer! Go here! Read less