One man’s scrap is another man’s treasure.

Scrap platinum is our treasure and we look forward to paying you the best price possible

Sometimes, Platinum is difficult to spot Look to the comparisons below. If your not sure, stop in and we will gladly test your pieces for free



What We Buy

Platinum Crucible

Platinum-Rhodium Thermocouple Wire

Platinum Alloys (99% Pt, 95% Pt, 90% Pt, 85% Pt, 80% Pt, etc.)

Platinum Medical Wire

Platinum Flakes

Platinum Sponge

Platinum Jewelry (99% Pt, 95% Pt, 90% Pt, 85% Pt, 80% Pt, 58.5% Pt)


Here at Advanced Gold & Silver, we  purchase a variety of high-grade scrap materials containing platinum.


If the type of scrap platinum you are looking to sell does not appear on the list above, please contact our Customer Service Department at 775-329-1188